Home is your temple


Long day at the beach, but finally you are at home…

You enter your bedroom and take off your swimming suit.  

Green bathroom wallpapers remind you of the fresh spring days in your hometown. The sound of water in your open-concept shower gets you in the middle of a waterfall, relaxing your mind and spirit after a long day. Natural body lotion a bit of natural perfume and you are ready to enjoy a relaxing evening with your loved ones. 

The smell of fresh fish on your open-concept kitchen, with fresh herbs, directly form your garden. 

Calm Mediterranean tones of walls and curtains, soft massive sofa with your favorite music in the background and you feel relaxed. Sun is still up, but you sitting in the shade of a wooden pergola, fresh with a breeze through your window. The smell of salt and water reminds you of your surroundings – little cala with pine trees and rocks. 

No need to go out. You are in your home temple.